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Thread: kitcar mags....and websites....

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    kitcar mags....and websites....

    Hi all,

    The local magazine store sells a kitcar mag that I don't like and unfortunatly itz the only one they sell, so I was curious as to what other american mags there are out there in other parts of the country??? And is there a website to the mag???
    Also what happened to KitKar Illustrated, and KitCar the car builders authority???
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    Re: kitcar mags....and websites....

    kit Car Illustrated folded into Kit Car Mag -- too many cobra articles and Run and Gun crap..

    The only other one out there in the US .. and a much better one than Kit Car Mag is Kit Car Builder.
    The magazine is only for purchase online ..

    You will find that both magazines are primarily just articles on cars from Carlisle or Knotts. Very little new content.
    Lots more info available on line then you will find in any magazine.
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    Re: kitcar mags....and websites....

    oh .. and if you were looking for Kit Car Mag website its
    These links and more available at
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