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Thread: the kitcar industry

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    the kitcar industry

    I have been following the kitcar industry for several years now, and it seems that almost every kitcar company that comes out, turns bad. They come out strong ready to help every customer then overnight turn into theives. I guess i believe people to easy, then end up paying for it in the long run.For some of you that have been into this kitcar scene longer than i have has this been the case in the past. I want to find a good source of parts and information that i can trust. A honest mans company. Almost every company i talk to about buying a kit blows me off, as in no we don't have pictures, or videos, or lists of past customers. Then to top it all off, All the lawsuites for copyrite laws. I have been looking at some old kitcar mags from the late 80's, you would believe the numder of companys that were out there, now the have seemed to drop off the face of the earth. Like i said before i guess its just me and me view of things around me.Sorry if i offened anyone i just wanted some views on the subject.

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    Good point. I have tinkered with feasability to do one up right before. Just takes a bunch of money, and there is one major reason why companies don't last. All of us are theives. We "borrow" a design, that is copyrighted or patented, instead of just buying the actual car. I know money is an issue, but then, not having money also makes it ok to copy cars, pirate software, rob banks... well at least in the mind of the person doing it.

    I admit, I must plead guilty to all of the above, accept for the bank part. Been tempted though. ;D

    All that aside though, many companies start of well, they invest many hours of labor and design, make a really good kit, and then the rest of us do what we always do, someone buys the kit, splashes a copy, trys to make a buck, but without the investment for initial creation, it is more profitable. Eventually, more people do the same, the product gets shabby, all those copies get worse from generation to generation. Eventually competition gets out of hand, next thing you know, quality control is gone, margins are gone, and the end result is always the same. All this providing you manage to keep Ferrari off your back long enough to sell enough kits for everyone to splash. In the end, most people trying to get off cheap screw themselves and end up spending a small fortune on their replica... who here isn't guilty of thinking "I can make that cheaper, or copy it or do it from scratch for less!"?

    I know I am. But I also know I am getting older, about to turn 37, and I have learned a few things over the years being in business and screwing my self by being greedy. 1) Time is money. Never re-invent the wheel unless you have to. 2)TOC (Total Cost of Ownership). Like buying a $100,000 house, you can't pay cash, so you get a loan, and go full term; what the heck, I'll go thirty years cuz my payments are lower. Except if you amortize it and check the schedual, you find that the lower payment cost you $400,000 over the life of the loan. You could have had 4 houses. 3) Bottom line. Refer to #2, what it costs in the end after you calculate time, gas, 15 trips to the hardware store trying to figure out what parts make a good Countach door hinge for that kit you got at a really great price, you know, the one missing all those little parts that arn't important. Lost earnings potential on the money, like interest or stock dividens if you had simply invested it and paid cash for a complete kit that fits. You know the drill. (If not you will, but it is an expensive lesson to learn-why learn the hard way?)

    V8 Archie wrote a great piece explaining the war over the initial design of the Zumalt kit. Such a sad deal. Even the AT 288 GTO that I am a big fan of has a tainted history. It's called greed people. Kinda sucks, dosn't it?

    Well yesterday a funny thing happend. Someone I know called me and was surprised to see I had been on a rampage lately finishing projects I have had accumulating for years. She made the comment that I really love this stuff, why don't I start a business up. My standard answer was "when I win the lottery, I will." Then the bomb dropped: She had been talking to a retired realestate agent (all retired real estate agents are millionaires, and crooks... how do you think they got to be millionaires?) and had been feeling him out for investing in just such a project! I told her I would get her the cost analysis if he was serious. Now it is something I would love to do. But doing what we love, and making it profitable can be a challenge. One way is to make turn key cars only. Cuts down on splashing, although it dosnt stop it. Another way is to produce large quantities so that the price is low enough to where making molds for yourself isn't worth the time. I'm giving it serious thought. (Partly cuz I need a job) :'(

    Wouldn't it be nice to do business with a company that actually delivers goods and service? That has inventory in stock? I think so. I could change the kit car market forever. Just as long as I have enough money to do it up right. But then, having the fund is the real trick, isn't it? And me doing it right won't stop the charlatans. Guess we'll see where it goes. In the end, human nature tends to be, well you know, human nature.


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    Re: the kitcar industry

    Very well said

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    Welcome to the forum Diablo_Bayou! 8)

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    Thank you Alex I look foward to carpel tunnel as a result of hanging out with you guys ;D Can you get carpel tunnel when you type with 2 fingers?

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    Thank you Alex I look foward to carpel tunnel as a result of hanging out with you guys *;D Can you get carpel tunnel when you type with 2 fingers? *
    I thinks so, I type with seven and it gets them all the time. :

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    I've been wanting to ask, what is that car pictured in your post Alex?

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    You mean in the signature? It is what I wish was the new Fiero, based on the Lotus Elise, sold in Europe, by Gm, it is the Opel Speedster/Vauxhall XV220. About $35000 US, with wicked handling, awesome looks, And so-so acceleration... some GM high out put 4 cyl. I just like the car.

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    It got a bit of the fiero look to it. Quite a nice looking car if I might say. Too bad the acceleration is so so.

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    Re: the kitcar industry

    That is an absolutely wonderful site to behold. I always pause after reading your post to admire that car. Do you have any links, websites that we can all check out? Do you know if anyone is making a kit for the fiero? Sweet.

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