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Thread: my dream car

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    my dream car

    hi i'm new to this forum, its a great souce of info anyway i'v searched high and lo and even under my cup holders for a pagani zonda kit
    if anyone knows where to get one please post

    also how do you make the actual body's for the car i know its some form of fiberglass but how do you sculpt the body

    thanks again deeko

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    Re: my dream car

    Welcome aboard Deeko: I hate to say it but to my knowledge there is nothing out there in the form of a Zonda kit. Believe me if there were I'd be building it. That car is Awesome!!! Try emailing or PM'ing Robert "aconcepts" and he'll be able to point you in the right direction as far as forming from scratch.
    Good Luck!

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    Re: my dream car

    yea, aconcepts is the way to go.
    Do a search for him and you will see what he's doing now, might be enough
    to change your mind about the zonda.

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    Re: my dream car

    thanks guys but I am so busy at the time but if he needs help in getting it started get ahold of auto he is the cad pro and I know he can help

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