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    hi again
    i was just reading a post on replicating original parts of a viper and it said you could make a mold of the original part so why dont you all rent out a ferrari 360 or lamborghini gallardo and make a mould of all the parts

    if this is a stupid thing to say then its because i'm new

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    Re: replica

    ok is a stupid or unwise thing to do. ;D

    by making molds you probably will affect the paint, and that alone will cost you $5k+ considering most rental places
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    Re: replica

    Not only will it ruin the car, and if you're very lucky the full covered insurance will cover it. "probably not"
    I've heard of the rental company's calling the manufacture and conveintly letting them know the copyright
    of their car had been breeched. Splashing from a very good friend is allot more safe. If you can even call it that.
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    Re: replica

    I don't think it would be worth the chance.

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    Re: replica

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    Re: replica

    its very possible but not recommended since you would be much better off buying individual panels from a wrecker or ebay, making molds, then reselling them for hopefully the same price or a small loss..

    you will spend many thousands* of $ to rent a car long enough to take the body off, make molds and let them harden enough (48 hours or more) and then clean everything up given you didnt damage anything. the average newer ferrari costs $1000/day to rent at most places i've seen (~$750 to $1600) so it would cost at LEAST $4000 given that you work at some ungodly speed and that your mixed the resin and hardner perfectly to assure the quickest cure. the molds will be quick and flimsy, and might not even retain much of the shape. i mean honnestly it usually takes some 4 days to lay up a kit in molds, so making molds (which should be much much thicker) should take a double that. $10000... at that price you can buy 70% of the panels from a wrecker which would give you as long as you want, and paint wouldnt matter, and in the end you just sell the original parts and buy the rest of the panels that you need. you might lose $2000 or so in resale if even that.
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