What the heck is this about you ask? Well I'm down here in the Big Easy (New Orleans of course) and I'm keeping a close eye on the hurricane. At the moment it is a Cat4 which is not very good. Naturally I have to get my ARI's Forum fix and while doing so it reminded of an article I saw like 7 years or so in Kit Car or KCI about a kit submarine. Could come in handy if it gets pretty nasty here but the question is who has hat much confidence in their skills to build a submarine at home and then take it out in the storm? It is one thing if the seal on your Diablo repilca is not watertight but on your submarine? Yikes!!! When this is all over I'd like to BBQ. Of course not just any BBQ, oh no. I am a kit car nut now. I want a kit BBQ. When someone comes over and says "whats under the hood" I wanna show them ribs, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. Now what kinda BBQ kit should I make? Let me think on it.