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Thread: Project Update (No Pics, sorry :( )

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    Project Update (No Pics, sorry :( )

    Hey guys, another quick update on my project -
    Went to londay yesterday just for the day to work on the car. Made tons of progress. Rebuilt both headlight motors with some spare parts I had laying around, got them both working (Well... kind of. Left one is working a little spuraticly). I also replaced the EGR system (had a fair bit of corrosion on it, causing vaccum leaks), fixed rubber line vaccum leaks on the engine, and then...

    Took the car for a nice little drive!

    I don't know if I mentioned this before but one of my goals for this summer was to get the car on the road, safely, by the end of this summer. It looks like this goal has now basically been met I still need to fix the horn and get an alignment, but aside from that I should be in the clear and can soon begin on the "fun" stuff (Interior/exterior stuff rather then mechanical/electrical stuff).

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    Re: Project Update (No Pics, sorry :( )

    Let me be the first to say congradulations!! That is everybody's goal to get on the road before the weather changes, but I think you are the only one to do it successfully this year. I have been telling myself "I'll get it done for next spring" for the last two years.

    Way to go Ari!!

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    Re: Project Update (No Pics, sorry :( )

    Its been a pretty long journey, but managable Thank god for my parts car! The best move I ever made was picking up an extral with a rotted-out frame for $400. You get a lot more work done when you don't have to run to the parts store / junk yard.

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