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Thread: [u][/u]Cool website

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    [u][/u]Cool website

    I found a cool website that has given me ideals for my custom project.
    Since Im a basically doing a reskin,(bond of custom panels over body) Im borrowing a little here and there. It seems like the cars Ive never heard of on the website are the best. Now I gotta buy more foam and clay to shape my new designs! And Filip, your website is awesome also!

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    Re: [u][/u]Cool website

    Rapid cars is a cool site. I've been using it for ideas, also. I'll second Filip's site, too. Great stuff Filip, the 3D tools info is excellent.
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    Re: [u][/u]Cool website

    Very good referance site for people who want info and pic's when building thier cars.

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    Re: [u][/u]Cool website

    A site that I used to get some ideas was Concept Carz:

    Sometimes the photos are from unorthadox angles so they reveal more about a car than the shots you might see in a car review.

    Thanks for the comments about my site. I've been bogged down with school so much that I can't seem to get an update posted. Other than fleshing out the existing sections, I am always looking to add a new topic. Drop me a line if you think I should cover something. An example of this was the door issue. I read a lot of posts (including at other boards) about how to install siccors doors, so I wrote something up. Although it's not complete yet it's better than nothing. My next update will probably be on installing a computer in your car (for mp3s, navigation, and dvd movies for the passengers).

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