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Thread: Testarossa on e-bay

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    Testarossa on e-bay

    What do you guys think of this car? Looks like a pretty good kit. Very convincing at least to me? any comments?
    thanks Mike
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    Re: Testarossa on e-bay

    It looks like a pretty nice body on it. Harder to tell with a yellow colour as that hides lots of imperfections.

    The interior certainly would need a rebuild and the engine area needs cleaning as well. If the engine ran when this seller bought it, and nothing has been done, a tuneup type of workout is probably all it needs. Nothing really stands out as a potential gottcha from what I can see. See if you can get him to send you pics of the stretch area. That might be the only thing that comes out to get you. Everything else just looks like work which we have all bought into..... ;D

    It almost looks like a CK3 Testa with the way the scoops go in and the fins but it does not have their extended windshield. I know a fellow here in Calgary that has an interior from CK3 but I think it is covered already so may not be able to be splashed... He is on this board under BogDan I believe.

    Getting it at under $5k would be worthwhile as you can then put another 8-10 into it and still have a cheap replica.

    Good luck on the bidding.
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    Re: Testarossa on e-bay

    That is a RON ROSSER KIT OUT OF DALLAS Tx. ,Ron had the molds ,at a boat builder shop ,an they made all his bodies Super Quality ,his red car was featured in Kit Car magazine with the Eldorodo engine in the back they cut it of the front an welded it to the back of a Fiero , engine was still on frame rails
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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