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Thread: Cool Custom Cars F355

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    Cool Custom Cars F355

    Hey guys new to the forum hoping you could help me out
    Has anyone seen the F355 spider or coupe from
    Is is accurate? Looks like a good deal :-\ has anyone seen the one on too?
    It looks good also, but that paint job is retarded lol

    Please post anything in the forum


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    Re: Cool Custom Cars F355

    well the one on does not have the split rockers but i would say Ron's and the ad kit are the best out there ad being #1 but you can find a highly modified 355 kit for a great price from pitbull

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    Re: Cool Custom Cars F355

    Hi all,

    The one thing I like best about this kit is all the custom effects you can add ......
    Me, I sell engines, the cars are free.&nbsp; I need something to crate the engines in.... Enzo Ferrari......<br />Today they are called garage&#039;s, yesterday, they were stable&#039;s.&nbsp; Eric Jacobsen...

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