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Thread: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

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    looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    Greetings all, I'm a newbie.

    Been looking for a completed kit or preferably the body panels and such for an Alden Thomas 288 GTO. Years ago I talked with Fiero Phil, and he was (or the person who owned them) selling the molds for this kit for around 10,000. Never heard of anyone picking them up and the only car I found on the web is I doubt for sale.

    Now all it really is is a modified 308 based kit, wider fenders, different nose, F-40 style rear vents in the quarters. Never-the-less, I think the car just looks downright mean. Or if you could point me to someone with a 308 kit and or someone interested in a bit of modification, maybe we could pull it off. I wish I had the time to do the custom work myself, but I already have an F-40 I need to get out of the way. Anyway, check out the link and let me know if you all have any suggestions. ???

    Thanks Alex

    BTW: Great sight, enjoyed reading through all the posts!

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    You're right...that is one mean looking car. I have a Custom Coachcraft 308 and have done mods to enhance and refine the original kit. I would like to find the molds for the 288 GTO kit too! I'll check around and please do the same if you find someone with the molds. This is a great site!!

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    Price wise I am beginning to wonder If It wouldnt be cheaper to modify the fiberglass myself, making the flares and such from an existing kit of a 308/328... If I can find one. Anyone know where I can find a good 328, 308 kit complete?

    The site above has Ferrari parts in fiberglass for racing and converting real 308's to 288 GTO look-a-likes. The other pages on the site are interesting as well, check it out and let me know what you think. There is a body for sale there in the teens... wonder If they'd rent it out for mold making??? Hmmm. Anyway, the 288 GTO was longer than the 308 platform, but the Alden Thomas kit which is stretchless like most 308 conversions still is a hot looking property. If it came down to it, I'd probably be willing to make a new set of molds so that we could keep such a cool looking car available, and be able to furnish crash parts and such. I also noticed they offer some front end pieces at that site, although expensive and original Ferrari, could be used for a new 355 mock up (for those of you trying to solve the 355 availability problem.

    Any help appreciated. BTW loved your web page for your Black 308. Awesome job, really. If it didnt look so good I'd normally hit you up for letting me splash the panels... probably one of the best paint jobs I've seen on a 308. Where did you get that kit again?


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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    I was looking through a old kitcar mag and found an ad for this company, claim to make the 288 GTO kit. The mag is about a year old.

    Berlinetta Motorcars
    Gerard St. Box 1638
    Huntington, NY 11743-0629
    Ph- 516-423-1010

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    Thanks Beerman. Had already come across them, never could get a hold of them by phone, and I beleive they make or did make a kit for the real 308. The search continues. le' sigh :'(

    I have called FOCOA numerous times to ask Phill who bought the molds but I can never get an answer there either. (three days running) Gonna try again. Anyway, if anyone comes across an Alden Thomas Kit unfinished or finished let me know. I'm patient.

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    What about this one on
    Visit My KitCarOnLine Blog<br /> and Links Site at

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    SL Competition sells Ferrari body kits. It might be a start.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    This company will be providing this 308 kit in late fall

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    Re: looking for Alden Thomas 288 GTO

    Thanks for all the post people. It is appreciated. I have talked with several companies that do a 288 GTO body kit for the real 308, and most are a bit pricey, just talked to the people at the one posted recently, 9k for the fiberglass.

    Anyway, today I can say "Woo Hoo"!!! Success, finally got a hold of Phil and Gloria today. Apparently FOCOA is in the middle of a move to a new building, so it has been a bit hard to reach them, but for those interested they still have the molds for it and produce 2-3 body kits a year. Price is about the same for a 355, a little over $4k. The thing I like about that kit is not only does it look awesome, but it is a bolt on with no stretch... and it really ads some umph to the 308 lines. Real GTO's were few and far between, and about F-40 speed (and these days about f40 price). Makes it easy for you stick some fatter tires under there for some added hook-up for those doing engine swaps.

    Thanks again to all those who were of help.


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