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Thread: Fiero 308 GTB Progress

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    Fiero 308 GTB Progress

    Has anyone got a parking brake for a fiero for sale? I am in the U.K. but if its not too expensive I could be willing to ship it over. I also need a relay for the headlamps & bushes for the front of the car (roll bar bushes mainly)

    Also what is the general opinion on poly bushes? Are they worth it or just a gimmick?

    Here is a pic of the condition I am tring to get my 308 back too. I have a few pics that I need to download of the paint stripping process I am completing at the moment. Should be ready to start spraying (again) in about a week.

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    308 GTB Fiero - Complete<br />355 Extreme MR2 - 1st Primer coat on<br />406 Coupe - Daily driver, soon to be Extreme 360<br />(Disclaimer - Any timescales mentioned in the above message are totally guessed &amp; will be subject to &#39;man maths&#39; excuses for why it wasnt finshed on time)

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