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Thread: Weird place to find amazing cars

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    Weird place to find amazing cars

    I just got back from vacation in Florida. While I was there my wife wanted to go to this place called the Swap Shop in Ft. Lauderdale. It is basically a cheap flea market where they sell $5 sunglasses, watches and fake purses. So I turn around the car and see these amazing sports cars.
    1. Ferrari 360 spyder
    2. Ferrari 355 spyder
    3. Ferrari Testarossa
    4. A vintage Ferrari
    5. Ferrari 512BB spyder
    6. Ferrari Enzo!
    7. Mercedes Mclaren!
    8. Porche Carrera!

    It was like I walked into a dreamland. For you in Forida, I definitely recommend you check it out. I also just got my diablo replica. Awesome!

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    Re: Weird place to find amazing cars

    I live on the Ft. Lauderdale area close to that flea market, I know those beautiful cars that you saw, some of them have racing history, some one told me that the owner use to race them, and now he has it as a collection on the flea market.

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