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Thread: wheel dilema

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    wheel dilema

    I originally was going to sell my 17" wheels but am kind of reconsidering. I have a 6.0 bumper which I want to use and that is why I wanted aftermarket wheels but the 17s are growing on me. The alternative I am considering are 19s in front and 20s in back and I would go with the 6.0 bumper vs. the vt. I would like some opinions.

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    Re: wheel dilema

    so many diablo owners change wheels these days that you shouldn't be afraid of having a car that doesn't look authentic in terms of wheels. i personally like the ones you have on right now, and the others look great too. lambo doesn't usually use 5 spoke rims since that's a ferrari tradition.
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    Re: wheel dilema

    The 5-spoke wheels look weird on your replica....To me, they just don't look right and take away from the overall appeal of the car....Maybe another style wheels would look better - I don't know...Try different configurations and see what adds to the styling, not take away from it.

    Besides 20" wheels in the rear might be too big hiding under the fender....That's my opinion.

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    Re: wheel dilema

    My initial reaction after reading your post would be - Go for the larger wheels since they almost always look better.

    I say almost, because after looking at the pics I think I prefer the ones you have on now! They seem to fit the styling of the car better.
    What about the 6L one piece wheels? They are larger & still suit the car.

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    Re: wheel dilema

    check out Shaddoe's 5 spoke HRE Wheels on the orange roadster he built over on kitcentral I think they look awesome ...john

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    Re: wheel dilema

    I'd say steer clear of 5 spoke wheels, because they are indeed a Ferrari tradition.

    Maybe an wheel similar to the larger wheels from the Murcielago or Gallardo? The 6.0s are very nice.

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    Re: wheel dilema I suppose if you want an exact replica look sure buy a replica wheel ...I can appreciate that when I see it ...but for me I like to personalize a ride makes me laugh a little anyway the people that have the money to spend on the real thing often customize the car as soon as they get it witnessed on all the TV shows these days and replica guys go to extremes to copy down to the last detail ...enjoy ..john

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