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    Another New Member

    ;D I would like to say hello to all my fellow wonderful crazy car nuts. I hope to speak with you all in the near future as today I got the phone call I was waiting for. This guy is selling me his Fiero 85 GT for $400 bucks!! It has been sitting across the street from my dad's house for some time now and have had my eye on it. The guy's mom says it has to go so I get lucky Needs a clutch and new tires to get it running and rolling again...besides new keys which the guy can't find. But who cares right? We all know what is gonna happen to it. We take it apart, replace the parts, add new bodies and Whamo we have achieved Coolness Cya

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    Re: Another New Member

    Welcome ;D !

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    Re: Another New Member

    Thanks Ari and Thank you for the forum. I'll be spending a lot of time here

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    Re: Another New Member

    Welcome aboard Diablo_Bayou hope you will get some good info from the forum. If you have any question don't be shy to ask some one here should have an answer for you...

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