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Thread: fiat x1/9 kit

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    fiat x1/9 kit

    I have a x1/9 who's body is &$^% but runs okay, is there any kind of car kit that will
    fit on it without a ton of modifications? ANyidea about cost??


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    Re: fiat x1/9 kit

    Most of the body kits I have ever seen for the X19 are just wide body kits for the fenders. There was a Testarossa body kit a few years back but I do not even remember who made it.
    Then there is this option. but from what i rember reading this was a one off project.

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    Re: fiat x1/9 kit


    I also owned an 81' x 1/9 many years ago...Great handling car, but bodies wouldnt last long for sure..

    Here's a link you may want to try :

    They used to carry a full body kit that closely remsembled the Dallara X 1/ 9 which was a sweet looking design for the X 1/9..


    Nick C.

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    Re: fiat x1/9 kit

    Italian page, lot of european links... might be useful.

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