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Thread: Euroworks Mirage X

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    Euroworks Mirage X

    Has anyone on this site ever seen a Euroworks Mirage X kit up close and in person? Normally a stock Fiero length kit looks "stubby" from a side angle, but from all fo the photos I have seen of the Mirage X, it pulls the stock length chassis off pretty well. I was thinking about flying up to Dayton, OH. to see if they have a Mirage X at their facility. Iwas just curious as to if anyone has had any experiences with this particular kit.

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    Re: Euroworks Mirage X

    You're right, it's "stubby". Build the longer version or purchase a stubby one from eBay. Mike Vetter might know where there is one available in Florida. He also makes kit car bodies.
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    Re: Euroworks Mirage X

    I drove up to Dayton and checked it out. Somehow it looks like a stretch in person...not stubby due to the design. I'd really like to hear from someone else who has built one before putting down all that money. Is ducattiman still out there?

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