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Thread: Getting titled & insured

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    Getting titled & insured

    What do replica lambo diablo owners who Just finished a build get there cars titled as? A 2005 custom? If you do,how do you get pass the airbags & emissions? don't all 2005 cars need to be compliant?I thought of titling my diablo roadster as a 96.But my state(NJ) tells me,it will be titled as a 2005 because thats when the car was finished.

    Now getting it insured. Insurance for replicas only allow you to use them 3000 miles a year,to & from shows or special events ONLY! let me point out this is places that do specialty car insurance.they don't let you use it as a daily driver.
    the problem with regular insurance places is they don't even have a clue what a custom build car is!
    How do the members do it?I want my car to be able to be used when ever I want it to be used & if it gets totaled or stolen,I want my $85,000 back!
    lastly has anyone ever titled a replica chassie build as a FIERO?
    if you did and insured it as a fiero--how can you tell an insurance agent a Fiero is worth$ 85,000?

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    Hi Centerfolds,

    Getting a title for your replica will vary state to state or in Canada, from province to province. If you are using a custom chassis and not a donor car the DMV or MTO may require you to get a notarized document stating that your replica was a custom build and you may also have to include copies of invoices of the parts used to builld the car and assign a serial # ( VIN ) that either you have provided or the DMV will designate...Again this may vary from the state you live in. Im not too sure how it works in the U.S....

    In my case, since i used a custom chassis for my Lambo Countach replica - it was tiltled GB 500s ( the model name of the kit ) and was titled the year the car was completed ( 1989 )...If you used a Fiero based chassis as your donor, the replica may get titled as i:e 1986 Fiero and will include the orig Fiero VIN #.

    As for insurance, most insurers in Ontario at this point will not provide coverage for kit cars or replicas and direct these cars into the Facility Association ( basicallly a pool of different insurance companies that bind coverage for high risk drivers & vehicles and motorcycles. ) that charge a much higher premuim for coverages than a regular market insurer, sometimes upwards of 50% surcharges.

    There are specialty insurance carriers that will provide coverage for your custom car, hot rod , replica for much better premium than the regular insurers will - however there may be some limitations , i:e mileage restrications, pleasure use only, etc...You will be required to provide an independant appraisal of your car and the agreed insurable value ( ACV -actaul cash value) of the car will reflect the premuim of your policy coverage. A very good specialty insurance broker here in Ontario is Lant Insurance, alot of the replica owners here use them.

    Talk to other replica owners in your state and find out who they use and they can give you an idea of what rates /coverages will be..

    Good luck and post some pics of your finished car...


    Nick C.

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    Each state has it's own (insane) laws on kit cars. If you were in California, I could help you. I would recommend getting in contact with a lock kit car club. I have heard of two or three big clubs in NJ. People in the club have gone though what you are going though and will be happy to help.

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    Thanks for the replys guys.Im having a rough miserable time & no one is able to help.This is the dilemas.If i go the speciality collecter insurrance No problem. I dont have to pass emmissions,I dont have to get it inspected.Great! The downfall---I can only drive it 3000 miles a year! Im paying 85,000 for a car I can only use 3000 miles a year! I would of never done it! Now if I go the regular insurance route,I have to get the car inspected.It has to pass 2005 emmissions.Im using a 383 stroker!How will it pass emmissions? will a catalyic converter do the trick? Im not a mechanic. I dont know. Then if i pass all this stuff,I still have to find a insurrance company that will insure it.CAN ANY-ONE HELP? I CALLED THE REPLICA CLUBS---NOBODY GOT BACK TO ME. Im under the gun for time. :'( ???

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    Re: Getting titled & insured advise is to put a catalytic converter on the car, drive it to a local tuner shop, let him "twick" it a bit and it should pass emissions....The tuners know ALL the tricks of the trade to make your car pass emissions.....It will probably drive like crap but you don't care, right? *You only want to pass emissions....after that take all the emissions crap and let it breath again....It worked for a friend of mine in PA.

    If all else fails, consider registering your replica in Upstate NY where there's no emissions testing YET....You don't know anyone living in Upstate NY you say?? *email me and maybe I can help you with that....

    Drive and enjoy your replica.

    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    You are correct, the milage on the speedometer cannot go over 3k miles a year. I have "heard" about how the aftermarket speedometers have loose fittings and how the plugs sometimes(magically) pop out.

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    Quote Originally Posted by Brastic
    You are correct, the milage on the speedometer cannot go over 3k miles a year. I have "heard" about how the aftermarket speedometers have loose fittings and how the plugs sometimes(magically) pop out.
    I have my saleen insured as a special interest car(3000 miles or less for cheaper rates) One year the transmission harness must have became unplugged and I drove all summer with only 170 miles showing up. Darn thing, that is my suggestion to you so you do not have to go through red tape paper work.
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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    I hate to ask, but have you checked the NJ DMV web page or even called your local DMV? Out here in Silicon Valley we have over 10 DMV offices within less than 50-miles. I went to a couple of offices until I found someone who ask for the least amount of paperwork and I worked with only her until my car passed. As with any large bureaucracy, keep going back until you find someone willing to play with you. There is no way for every employee to know all of the laws and you only need absented minded one to get your car titled.

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    hey brastic, yeah I called.Thats what started this whole mess. Let me make a very long story short. If I did a chassie build,it Needs an engine that is the same year the car is finished.I done now,2005 engine.Period. Then I have to pass all emission & have air bags & pass all this other safety stuff.If I get pass all this then I can title & insure it. Next step is to find a regular insurance agent like state farm,allstate or soon To insure it & get an agreed amount.Its almost impossible.& if you do find someone its like $8,500 a year & you pretty much need a perfect driving record.Or I can register it as a collector car & get collector insurance & only be allowed to drive 3,000 miles a year. OR if i do a fiero build as long as It has the original engine,I can title it & register it & insure it just like a regular Fiero.So with that......I was doing a $85,000 build.It would of been hot!!! I had a replica chassie,a 383 stroker with 450 hp,the best Of everything....nothing was being spared,but because of all the BS....I sold it to the builder & got out.I'm now back in the game but with a fiero build with a stock 6 cylinder. Its gonna LOOK great,but its looks now.But at least I can drive register & insure it with-out no hassles.Nice state NJ Hugh? >

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    Re: Getting titled & insured

    ever thought of registering it in another state and then bringing it to NJ already titled with a VIN # and so on? i'm not sure if it could work, but just an idea..

    the reason why i say this is because i heard that you can buy a car in florida witha COD (certificate of destruction) which can never again be registered in florida, and bring it to california to get it registered as a Repaired title, which is fully driveable.
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