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Thread: Ok I am looking for a investor

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    Ok I am looking for a investor

    I dont want your money I need a chopper gun to speed up all the kits I am maken
    I really do all my own work and I am ready to offer one person a kit on a elanna or any other project I got for
    a chopper gun or we can work out a rolity type set up
    let me know I would like to get all these done but hand laying them is taken to long

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    we have try ed chopper guns and they will not speed things up if you are working on your own,they will keep 3 laminators going at once but you will be doing hard pieces so this would not be good even if you had three of you doing it.You have to keep up with the speed of the gun and that is not easy!!! with car parts.i know its hard work to hand lay but keep going it will be rewarding at the end .Try using a high speed matt.this will brake down quicker when you put your resin on.doing it this way you will end up with a even mould that will last.
    We have tryed everything to speed things up as time is money but allways go back to right way.when people say to me now OW yo want to try this to speed things up ,i tend to look the other way.I always say you never stop learning but please hand lay it it Will pay off in the end.

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    yes I know but I am thinking about the moulds not the parts that come out those will be hand layed
    I know what you mean and thank you it helps sometmes to hear it

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    Start off getting some high speed mat,then do a stencil of the shape you re doing,cut out the shape you are dong 6 or 7 times,you should be able to cut them all at once,then lay them up .
    We do all our molds like this and also our panels as well,you don't end up with joins in the mat if you want you can spray your resin on with a pot gun. Pot guns in the UK are about 50 with a 3.5 nozzle pressure high at about 60 PSI,you wont need spray resin that you use with a chopper gun normal resin goes through OK.

    Hope this is of some help

    Use a brisal roler not a paddle roler thay dont spit at you and they are a lot quicker,these are used normaly with carbon fiber

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    Allways hang your mat up to stop any crap from the floor getting on the mat once you have cut your shapes
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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    Back wall, i know you will know not to get crap on the mat but it is very important as you will gt weakspots in your molds and panels!
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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    I know what you are saying but the mould time is taken me to long hand laying I can chopper it faster I know how to work it and
    production on boats the same way and the moulds were made in a day
    see I HAVE 6 PROJECTS and I need to get them out molds on parts are fasater but when it is a one pice front takes sometime

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    the roadster is back in the day

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    Quote Originally Posted by aconcepts

    What car is this suppose to fit on?

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    Re: Ok I am looking for a investor

    tube chassis is best but also fits dave helds rear on a fiero

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