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Thread: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

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    Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!


    $2,000.00 kits! Wow!!

    Look at the 97 Firebird, besides being cheap; and the 40,000 posts on an out-dated 360, lets face it, the Enzo ..she's got the LOOK!

    To beat Ferrari: There is a perfect easy line on the Bird's hood to BOLT-ON a skin hood, like the Enzo only a hair wider, and the Enzo front bump,-nose slightly modified, fatter nose, smaller rectangle lips to the corner of the mouth because of the bigger flare to the nose, but unlike the sharks mouth, more open, fitting the bolt-on design of the BIRD, BEEEFY!

    The tail: Bird has the same curve as up front, to the Enzo, slightly modified a Ferrari looking bumper matching the lines of the bird ..right up past the light assemblidge to meet the hatch!

    The hatch: minus the glass and the wing-fin, keep the hatch, add on a custom ..maybe slightly Mercielago look...

    4 PIECES, BOLT-ON, EXOTIC STYLE, and even the doors at the bottom can be carved out. a $2,000.00 price? Sounds nice. Bigger rims on the rear, a head turner!

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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    I don't want to be a smarty but.. do you have panels or have you been watching cartoons for to long??

    All the idea's you're shooting out seen really nice but if you know anything about fiberglass you know plain and simple $2,000
    get's you only about half of the raw supplies.. not anything finished and worth bolting on a vehicle..
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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    A complet lambo car costs 1000.00 for supplies..

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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    HI all,

    I would love to see pics of this!!
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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    a cheaply made diablo kit costs more like $1600 in materials. a cobra kit might cost about $1100 at cheapest. only the Lotus Super7 type kits cost about $1000
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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    Tow lids, two bumpers.

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    Re: Bolt on Enzo ..LOOK!

    Can someone place this post in the Trash?

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