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Thread: New W209 CLK

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    New W209 CLK

    I have the CLK55 AMG convertible, I LOVE the front fender fins of the SL55 AMG, anyone knows where I can get hold of those fins/front fenders?

    Also, someone nicked my AMG boot spoiler :'( , replacement costs a fortune! anyone knows a place i cna get a replacement at a good price? A generic AMG will also do..

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    Post a pic of the fins you're talking about..

    Are you going to adapt them to another vehicle? the reason I ask is they maybe be easy enough to fab out of Aluminum.
    I'm buiding a custom jeep that'll have the BMW louvers in the front of the cab. just going to build them.

    On your replacement parts.. This is one of the many perks you get for buying a AMG.. Don't use cheap generic parts
    on a quality vehicle. post a pic it may be repairable..
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    Re: New W209 CLK

    I assume you are talking about the vents on the fender behind the door? Powerhouse was checking on a kit that had this option I think. Made somewhere in Europe. Not sure if they fit the real Mercedes or only the Chryslers. You might check with him.

    Here are the links from the earlier thread.

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    damn, those wheels look good, similar to mines, I wil post pics of mines soon.

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    Illuder here is the company that FerrariF1 is talking about. I have contacted them by email and called them once. The can't speak english very well. I am going to Italy in november and am trying to make an appointment to see the kit and pick one up. I am not going to just send my money off to someone in Italy without first seeing their product. Good luck and I will post once I meet them.

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    Re: New W209 CLK


    I had seen that web page a while back on this forum. Personally, I think it is a waste of money and time to enter a project such as this. Keep in mind that you can today buy the genuine article, maybe a couple of years old SL500 just like the black on above for a mere $110k, and if you really want one and are patient, you will pick up a salvage one, easy to repair, for about $50k. Then you know you have the genuine article. Trust me, by the time you get a donor, import the kit (incl flying to Italy costs) , and the time and labour to put it together (fibreglass is VERY difficult to work with), you will end up spending close to or more than buying a salvaged and rebuilding it in your own time. It's easier to rebuild a salvage than putting on a fibre glass kit. Ask me, I've rebuilt 7 cars and kitted 3.

    The Merc is not a Ferrari or Lambo which is worth while getting a replica from. I know these SL's well, and I assure you that by looking at these pictures, you will feel embarassed driving one, because the sizes, height and style cues of the replica looks like a real fake.

    Look at some insurance salvage companies, try and get a real one.

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    i guy i know got his 96 SL500 for something like $12000 without anything really wrong with it.
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    Re: New W209 CLK

    yo kermit!

    Here's something perfect for you!

    it's a year old, costs $45k and will cost you about $7000 to fix. visit for new parts or you can ask these guys to sell you used parts.
    A genuine 2004 SL500 for $47k - $50k, not bad huh?! Saves you an expensive trip to Italy!!

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    Thanks for the link Illuder. But that won't work for me. There is a 41% import tax to bring a car into Japan and I don't want the headache of trying to get a car fixed that has been crashed. The labour for fixing a wrecked car here is very high. That is why so many damaged cars get exported. That kit is about 5000 euros and the donor car (a 91 500sl) here in Japan is about $11000. That is about $20000 give or take a few. Here in Japan the a 2002 SL goes for about $90000. As for the trip to Italy, I have to go anyways, I have a competition there. I am just trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

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    Re: New W209 CLK

    It seems that so many people think building kit cars is about fooling people into thinking you have a car you can't afford. It's not such a big deal with a Mercedes, but with Ferraris, Lambos, etc., I wouldn't want the real thing. I can afford a Ferrari if I want one but who wants the headaches of maintenance, bad gas mileage, insurance, etc. That is why I like kits.

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