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    Concorso Italiano

    Wow! I have never seen so many Lamborghinis in one place. There were a few Ferraris and other cars there too I think. Anyway, if anyone wants to see pics here you go.
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    Re: Concorso Italiano

    Do you know what car is at the top of page 7? It looks like a custom to me, or I could just be an idiot

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    Re: Concorso Italiano

    That's the SSC Aero. They started out building kit cars. Their site is
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    Re: Concorso Italiano

    The SSC is quite the Supercar.. look at the stats on their site.. as of now its the fastest production car ever. 249 MPH.. Not too shabby!

    And the boot it gets 22 mpg 908 BHP.. They also built JC hamilon's Diablo.. over 700 BHP and 27 MPG. Blood Entersprises builds their engines out of Washington. Looks like there is still ONE Good Engine Builder that hasn't been paid off.

    it really makes me mad to think the big three auto manufactures "claim" they are doing their best with gas milage.. when they have unlimited funds.. and here comes "one company" with very small amounts of money compared.. And they are able to build reliablity, quality, Tons of Horse power.. and Mega gas milage..

    Am I the only one that wants to kick the oil company's @$$

    WOW. i just think some steam came out of my ears..
    Just smart enough to be very Dangerous

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