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Thread: Fiero Body Kits

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    Fiero Body Kits

    Hey guys...any fiero body kits out there...i mean like front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper? not kit cars...i like this one
    ^I like the blue fiero at the top of the page...I hope there's a body kit like it

    Post ANYTHING! hahaha


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    Re: Fiero Body Kits

    There are some body add-ons for the Fiero. Check out (Pennock's) for more info. The blue car is a one-off custom called the Plazma. Sadly, the designer/creator was killed in a traffic accident before he could get the car into production.

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    Re: Fiero Body Kits

    Here's a nice one from Norms....

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    Re: Fiero Body Kits

    HI all,

    Also check out PISA they have a couple of new body kits for the fiero, all new I mean, not replicas....

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