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Thread: Mirage 355 kit?

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    Mirage 355 kit?

    Are they still out there floating around? i already know about John Watson, and I've heard he's produced amazing kits. I'm just looking for more kit producers to choose from or something to compare to. (not that I have anything against Mr. Watson) I saw Bondo Bob's mirage build page thing lol I just thought that was awesome!

    if you have anything on the mirage kits, or anything new about John Watson's kits, please let me know...


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    Re: Mirage 355 kit?


    Not too many Mirage kits around any more.. they pop up usually when the owner wants to update to the AD kit.
    So they sale their Mirage. AD kits have Ferrari casting numbers in the panels.. "they are cast from OEM parts"
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    Re: Mirage 355 kit?

    The Mirage kit on Bondo Bob's car was FunnyWheel I.

    I gave the kit to Bondo Bob in exchange for his expert assistance finishing the body work and painting FunnyWheels III.

    I think you need to be a good body man to install a Mirage kit if you can find one. My Mirage kit was installed on my car in 1998 and used until 2003 when I got tired of trying to make it as good as one of John Watsons kits. Bob fixed a lot of the stuff that was wrong with the Mirage and still has a long way to go to satisfy himself. Bob is getting a spare Watson rear bumper from me to put on the Mirage.
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