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Thread: Murcielago turnkey query

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    Murcielago turnkey query


    Hii all,great forum

    Can anyone tell me about the best murcielago turnkey manufacturers available and how real they look comparing to the real thing.
    can anyone also tell me about and if i cud trust this manufacturer to build me the murcielago replica turnkeys as they are cheap and how close is it to the real thing????


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    Re: Murcielago turnkey query


    There are MANY new enthusiasts a such as yourself wanting the same thing. Well, unfortunately Triangle G's kit is the only Murcielago kit ready to be sold in the market. Albeit it's not very close to the real thing. I suggest ou start saving up to double the money you had in mind because you will need it when the perfect replica is released.

    s for, David....I bought an IRA 360 kit from him, and it is the last time I will deal with him too What I got , and the amount of work to be done on the kit st me back quite a bit >

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    Re: Murcielago turnkey query should re-think the kit car business.. I've seen many of their builds and all customers say the same thing..
    "And I paid for this?" Its really sad becuase Dave thinks these cars are finished and safe to drive when he is done. they are not even close. I don't usually bag on someone elses builds. But, I will say stay away from

    Just smart enough to be very Dangerous

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