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Thread: Auto MX and his Ferrari 512 Replica.

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    Auto MX and his Ferrari 512 Replica.


    I cant hide the truth anymore.... :-[
    for the last week that has been burning me up inside. :'(
    I have a duty to share this with everyone. 8)

    We all know you have a desire to do a 512 tr replica and at last I have located the car you sooo desire:

    enjoy everyone :
    The Needles Dance, The Gauges Glow,
    As Engine Speed & Heartbeat Grow,
    Gears They Shift 'Neath Anxious Thumbs,
    Formerly: Powerhouse

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    Re: Auto MX and his Ferrari 512 Replica.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Auto MX and his Ferrari 512 Replica.

    he meant this

    AutoMX would love it, being a wild child and all.. Sorry man, had to say it. :P

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