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Thread: jagette pics

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    jagette pics

    * * *hello i just picked up a car and have no info on it i tried online with no luck.* so here i am it is a jagette assembled in 1982 it has a corvette* 327 engine and frame very fast and clean any help would be great thanks* dave* * ** *

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    Re: jagette

    Can you please post a picture?

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    Re: jagette pics

    kool!, i like it... ;D something you dont see alot of ....

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    Re: jagette pics

    Cool car. I cannot wait to see it this weekend.

    PS. I might not make it to the car show, because my wife might be giving birth.

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    Re: jagette pics

    Its a 1958 Lister replica, more then likely built by Beck, though there are some interesting modifications to the body, the tail light location and hood shape and radiator openning give it away though.

    There is a roller on ebay right now.
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    Re: jagette pics


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