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Thread: Search cabrio!! ?????

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    Search cabrio!! ?????

    Hello, my name is not sebastian and I comes on Germany I searches a F360-kit for my Fiero(no Cabriolet). Where can I get such a thing?

    My email:

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    Re: Search cabrio!! ?????

    You have a fierro in Deutchsland??!!

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    Re: Search cabrio!! ?????

    yeah we do have plenty of em in Deutschland ;D at least Ive seen many of em in stock on

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    Re: Search cabrio!! ?????

    Yeh, and in the UK we even swap them over to righthand drive.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re: Search cabrio!! ?????

    Hi all,

    By some chance that you missed the rather large 360 modena thread topic that is on the front page, or your not interested in reading all 72 pages than there is a member named Extreme... He, I believe is from the U.K., and he is doing a 360 hardtop for the peugot 406 right now...In fact there are pics of this very car in the thread... Right now he is only doing a hardtop but is workign on doing a convertible... Although there is SOME hope for us fiero wanna be's, Extreme posted in the thread that they were just gonna do a 360 for the fiero because they didn't want someone copying there molds and adapting them to a fiero.... Though I wouldn't expect to see anything from them on a 360 fiero for over the next year......

    This is the thread talking about a 360 modena.... Better to start at or around page 60...I am pretty sure you'll be able to see pics of the car they have for the 406.....

    Me, I sell engines, the cars are free.&nbsp; I need something to crate the engines in.... Enzo Ferrari......<br />Today they are called garage&#039;s, yesterday, they were stable&#039;s.&nbsp; Eric Jacobsen...

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