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Thread: Porsche kit car

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    Porsche kit car

    I was just wondering if there is a kit car to turn a vw bug into a 911 porsche or even a old porsche into a newer looking one? Cuz all I ever see on this forum is f355 and fiero based kits thanxs for your time

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    Re: Porsche kit car

    you can use the search feature and you'll find alot on the vw porsche kits in brazil and england, as well as porsche rebodies today. there are few VW>porsche kits today but the body styling update ones (70s 911 > new body) are fairly popular
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    Re: Porsche kit car

    Do u know the website or company that does the 70 rebody kits for the porsche?

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    Re: Porsche kit car

    A local (eastern PA) used car dealer has a VW with a Porsche 959 body on it. It's been sitting in their showroom for months. I haven't stopped and looked at it, but it looks totally unfinished, just body on pan. I can get some info if you're interested. I can't remember the name of the company that made them, but there was a black one on the cover of Kit Car way back.

    Indy Exotics used to make a Porsche style kit for the Fiero called the IEX turbo.

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    Re: Porsche kit car

    Is there a specific website that shows pricing of these kits? Or even just the 70 to newer porsche conversions?

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    Re: Porsche kit car

    If your looking for update kits check these guys out, . their kits seem to be of good quality and the site has prices. carries strosek styling products, they are also update kits. thats all i have for now.

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    Re: Porsche kit car


    what is it your looking to create ? if it is just a 911 look, your best option is to buy a 911, lots of them out there at decent prices (that will end up being less $$ thantrying to creat a replica) and lots of parts available also.

    If however your looking to do something unusual, then that issomething different..... If you could define your request a bit more it might be possible to point you in the right direction...


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    Re: Porsche kit car


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    Re: Porsche kit car

    i would like a pic on that 911 shell!*

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