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Thread: Phantom Roadster

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    Phantom Roadster

    this seems like a really good deal. I wonder who is the manufacturer of the body?
    it doesnt say a final price, but at $13k it's a steal!

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    Re: Phantom Roadster

    @ 13K the reserve still is not met
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    Re: Phantom Roadster

    It's an IFG. You could'nt give me that car. The roof wont seal and nothing on the whole car is square. I went to IFG when I first started shopping aroud for a kit and the chassis they were building similar to this one was built on a lift!!!!! Not a jig but they had the front half of the car on alift and they were building the back half with nothing but air. That made me want to run. The welds were even more scary.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: Phantom Roadster

    WOW! , thats serious stuff, how come they're still in business>??!! they have a website>?

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    Re: Phantom Roadster

    they are fairly cheap and they deliver painted bodies (which is useless to people who know the work involved in making things fit right). that keeps them in business.
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    Re: Phantom Roadster

    AutoMX, thats one reason but I think it has alot to do with the fact they have been in business for so long that poeple go with them for "experience" That was my thought I flew to California from South Carolina because I figured they have been in the industry so long they have to be good. I should have went on a criuse or something with that money because it was a waste of my time. Anyway I will stick with D&R anyday, people say thier customer service needs help but they have a kickass body and they have treated me well and I have bought two kits from them, And got a friend to get one from them as well and he's as happy about his car as I am with mine.

    Again, My 2 cents

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