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Thread: Is that "JUST" a kit ?

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    Is that "JUST" a kit ?

    I have a question to all who have a kit, has anyone ever asked you, is that just a kit? and what was your reply. Even though most people think is the real one, I have been asked a few times and I just say yes, but one time this one guy say to me , "oh, those are the ones that you just take a fiero and mount the body on top, those are really easy " > that really bother me and it took all I had, for me not to tell that guy how ignorant he was, so I just told that guy "they are not that easy".

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    Re: Is that "JUST" a kit ?

    Just say...

    Yes, it's just a kit. It's just faster and it just stops better. It's just more reliable and it's just about 25% of the maintenance costs. It's just a bit lighter and it just handles better. It's just more fun and it's represents just about 2 years of my personal, handbuilt time.

    It cost me just under $50,000.00.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Is that "JUST" a kit ?

    I get that sometimes. I said, it's not a kit, it is a replica .Most people don't realize what comes out of thier mouths. When it comes to that question i say.. A kit you just screw few bolts/nuts together, but a replica, you build it! and that my friend is big difference.

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