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Thread: Sactodreamer any bodywork guys

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    Sactodreamer any bodywork guys

    Hey Sacto, do you know any body guys who are not afraid to work on kit cars?? I have a diablo roadster I am building but most of the guys I have run into want to do stock work only, You got any leads?? Email me at

    Plus if you want to drive to Elk Grove I can show you my new toy.

    RUNDLC ???

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    Re: Sactodreamer any bodywork guys

    Lets see some pics of your Diablo!!! I've heard it is pretty smooth.
    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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    Re: Sactodreamer any bodywork guys


    I don't know of any local people who might be able to help you. I think chris contacted you and he's the only possible person I know who could help you.

    I wouldn't mind checking out your car sometime tho.


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    Re: Sactodreamer any bodywork guys

    No problem Sacto, You are right though. Chris did contact me and ended up coming over on yesterday. He is a real nice guy, I think we will strike up something for him to do my bodywork (Yahoooooo!!) I really want to get this thing moving along. I will try to post some pics of my build soon.


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