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Thread: Possible 550 donor?

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    Possible 550 donor?

    the doors may pose kind of a problem....

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    Re: Possible 550 donor?

    Yeah, I've been harping on this for awhile now. The Stealth is readily available, seems the right proportions, has excellent engine options, and is much newer than the Fiero.

    I was stoked when Extreme had plans to do a 4-seater version of the Modena 360 based on the Puegot, but now that they plan on moving backwards (at least for us Yanks) by building it for the Fiero . . . I know they couldn't import the Puegot's, but the Fiero? Maybe try for a Cavalier or something a little more modern.

    I'd take a Maranello over a 360 anyway...

    Please, somebody, make a 2+2 Italian replicar!

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    Re: Possible 550 donor?

    I have to agree building it for the Fiero is a Step Backwards... I don't think that matters much because anything that is roughly 9 - 12 months away could change again they need to keep the development process quiet like they did before and jkust suprise people when it is ready to go.

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