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    Can you...

    Fit a whole Ferrari F355 body on a Fiero? I read on FunnyWheels' website that he had used mostly OEM Ferrari parts (including front and rear bumper). Would it be possible to do a whole body like this? I don't see why not, seeing how kits are built to replicate the original as closely as possible. And I'm sure using as many OEM parts as possible would help the outcome a ton.

    Sorry for the dumb questions, guys. I'm new to this stuff and want to do my research before going ahead.


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    Re: Can you...

    You'd be better off just rebuilding a damaged Ferrari for as much as all the body panels and retrofitting them for the Fiero would cost. That's why the well made kits are popular. Someone has already done all the homework and made modifictions for the replica body panels to fit the donar car.

    I don't know what this guys reserve was but this is something you should be looking for if you're determined to have a "real" Ferrari and don't have the budget for one.
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    Re: Can you...

    Thanks, but I wouldn't want to pay that much. I wouldn't be planning on using a whole Ferrari body, I just wanted to know if any part of the body could be used on the Fiero. To me, the front and rear bumper are the most important parts. Since I know it's doable (FunnyWheels did it) that's great.

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    Re: Can you...

    You can fit the panels off of a Hummer with the right tools. Its all about how easy you want the installation to be.

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