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Thread: Here is one from across the pond!

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    Here is one from across the pond!

    Looks like a much updated 246 Dino!

    I remember seeing this in a KitCar magazine about 5 years ago. I really like the G3 version with the Duratec V6 but the Acura V6 is nothing to cry about either!


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    Re: Here is one from across the pond!

    I like it. It looks like an original design with ferrari influence. Nice, but most likely pricey.
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    Re: Here is one from across the pond!

    it was put together by a company that primarily offered protoyping services and such to the oem's. the actual design was shaped by an "un-named" jaguar cars designer, and its drivetrain is from a rover 827 or honda (acura in usa) legend

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