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Thread: help with this movie:

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    help with this movie:

    First Id like to say that the hearts of my family and I go out to all who lost there lives on this HORRIBLE day last year!!!!

    I wanted to go on line to take my mind off the terrible thing that took place this day one year ago and look through some of your build sites and let me start by saying you guys are doing a great job.This road we all are taking to build our dreams is a very rough,long,and patient one but it can be completed,just keep your head up when times are down.I was wondering if any of you might be able to help me with this movie I have been trying to purchase.As you all know on here that most of us have a serious passion for lambos,and so do I.there was this movie that came out in the eightys starring John Cusack were he lived on a farm or something and set out with all his money to purchase a lamborghini.(or something like that,all I really remember is the car and all I really want the movie for is the car!)but anyway do any of you guys know what the title of that movie is????????any help at all will be greatly appriciated!!!

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    Re: help with this movie:

    I remember the movie, it was filmed in Dallas, but Im am almost 100% sure it was not John Cuzak in the movie. It was another actor that you see in alot of lower budget movies throughout the 80's and 90's. I cant remember the name yet, but I will see what I can find.
    My favorite part was the Lambo hanging from the towtruck near the end hehehe

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    Re: help with this movie:

    Ok I got it!

    the movie was called "It Takes Two"
    filmed in dallas in 1987
    The Lambos in the movie were actually Prova replicas.

    It starred George Newbern and Leslie Hope
    hope that helps

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    Re: help with this movie:

    RONNIE man I have to tell you, I love you man!!!!(just kiddin)but seriously I have been all over the place trying to find this movie but now I see were I went wrong.Thank you sooooooo much you really made my day!!Im going to go rent it and watch it tonight!!!!

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    Re: help with this movie:

    If I'm not mistaken in one of the older issues of Kitcar they did a special on that car.I think I still have it. I must of watched that movie dozens of times.Nice car

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    Re: help with this movie:

    I they where Bill Kester's KMC cars from Dallas . He made 5 Prova kits for United Artiss .Kit Car Illustrated June 91 . The best of all. anybody know what happened to him?

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