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Thread: What the heck!

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    What the heck!
    Admiration turns to disgust. Looks like a lot of work to screw it up at the end. A dodge stratus.
    Make the wheel wells in the rear larger and strip off the leopard and paint it and it would look decent.

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    Re: What the heck!

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    Re: What the heck!

    Pretty good body man. Maybe he is not that good on final preparation for paint.

    Just call me crazy but, I wonder how it would look in wood grain like the old Chris-Craft boats!
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    Re: What the heck!

    what car taillights are those he used?

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    Re: What the heck!

    they look like aftermaket altezza lights for trucks or SUVs like a jeep or something (obviously not the wrangler)
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    Re: What the heck!

    This is a very amazing car!! A ton of talent went in to creating this. In the early pictures it really looked like it was going to be great, why on earth would he decide to cover the car in leopard print?

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    Re: What the heck!

    wow that nice!

    AH! i wish i had the money to get it, i dont care if its pink or purple, i would buy it! :P
    I would want to modify the front bumper though... :-\
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