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Thread: fiero engine swap???

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    fiero engine swap???

    hey guys... i live in Barrie Ontario. does anyone know of anyplaces in barrie or near it that do engine swaps for fieros. i need the engine and transmission... any good places to check out???

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    Re: fiero engine swap???

    This is what I hate about fieros they just need to much work in my humble opinion...

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    Re: fiero engine swap???

    What size engine are you thinking about putting in , it nice to work at your own pace ,an not pay 12-14 thousand dollars for a donor an still have to get the body kit
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: fiero engine swap???

    HI all,

    Try checking out pennocks fiero forum, there would be a much bigger reponse there...Very helpful people and nice to boot! I think a forum memeber there named PBJ lives kinda near you, and has done swaps for people before......

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