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Thread: my customized Sebring project

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    my customized Sebring project

    New guy here.* I've owned my Sebring kit (based on a VW Ghia chassis) for awhile now, have had wiring issues so years ago I stripped all the wires out to redo it and sat since.* Last month I decided to work on it again to get it running by November (2.5 month project time line).* I want to update the look a bit, looks too 80's American from the back for me.* I want to get a more vintage GT flare to it and get rid of the 80's styling some.

    Here's how it was stock:

    And how it is currently:

    What was done so far:
    -Cut out fromt fake louvers from the front trunk and molded them into teh rear lid (now functional)
    -SMoother out the front trunk lid
    -Extended the rear hatch lines (behind the rear window) and curved them down a little bit
    -Added subtle air scoop on top sides and made grille trims
    -Taillights and bumpers replaced and made trims for new taillights and exhaust cutout

    What's left to be done (customization-wise):
    -redo the front bumper area (bumpers molded to the body with air intakes)
    -make lower side air scoops

    That's about it so far, about 1.5 month into the project since stock form.* More info on my site too:

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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Hey, cool project. Looks good.

    And welcome to the group...

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Just flipping the rear window over would give it a wider looking stance!


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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Great job on the grills. The rear looks good, but get rid of the tailights and add some supra or ferrari type lights in there. Even the infinnit g35 coupe lights would modernise the rear. On the sides, add some side skirts and maybe a nsx type vent. A little hot item would be a f1 type front fender insert put into the rear panels. There fiberglass and easy to work with. Up front take a look at front fiberglass bumpers made for other cars. You can very easy mod these to fit your front. A fusion type hood scoop would look awesome and theres one on ebay.
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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    I appreciate the comments. I can't turn the rear glass upside down without reshaping the entire rear end. Also I don't want to modernize the look (modern lights, modern bumpers, etc), I'm going for a timeless vintage GT-ish look. I am putting lower air vents on teh sides, you can see the spray paint on the driver side of it's rough form. I also know how easy to work with fiberglass as you can see I've done some mods on it already...

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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Hey Nick,
    Great to see you on another site.

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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Nicanor do have any idea what kind of windshield is in your car? That one looks like it would for lots of designs.

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    Re: my customized Sebring project

    Hey Swoodward, good to see familiar faces here too.

    The windshield is custom, made ust for this car. Solid Sterling still makes simialr cars like mine, windshield maybe interchangable (owner of sterling doesn't know enither) or not but looks very similar.

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