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Thread: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

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    HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    You know, you guys have been great about answering my questions and I love that,BUT I have a new one.Does anyone know of any exotic sounding mufflers??(mufflers that give a close to original sound) Im building a diablo with a carb. chevy v8,but I would like the right sound,any suggestions?????

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    Re: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    I had the same dilema. I am using a built LS1 Corvette motor in mine. The real Diablo's have a distinctive whine to them, plus the V12 exhaust sound. Heres what I am doing to try and duplicate the sound. I am installing a Eaton Magnusom Supercharger for the whine sound. I found, and purchased a real Diablo muffler that will be installed on the car. Hopefully between these two items, I can come reasonably close. I hope!!!

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    Re: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    When Diablo owners upgrade their exhaust they use this bottle set up. Notice the separation of the cylinders. Also, it is much less expensive to add a "noisy" gear drive to add a supercharger sound to the car, they are great. If you use smaller primaries you will lose some bottom end torque and gain higher end HP so you will end up reving higher to get things moving.

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    Re: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    I agree with you. Adding a Pete Jackson Noisy Gear setup was my first choice. I encountered two problems with taking that approach. The first problem is with the way the LS1's were designed, and setup using knock sensors monitoring timing detonation. Apparently the noisy cam gear setup would play havoc with the motor and the timing from these knock sensors, even if one were to de-sensitize the sensors. This is probably why no one (that I could find) makes the setup for a LS1 motor. which was my second problem. So here comes the supercharger!!!!

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    Re: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    Will one of the "noisy" gear drives fit on a 2.8/3.4? I checked summit, and they listed all V8s.. any 60* V6s?

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    Re: HEY Do you guys know of any exotic mufflers???

    I dont believe they will fit a 6. I believe they are primarily setup for the V8's. I would call over to Summit and ask though they should be able to tell you for sure. To be honest with you I'm not that well versed in the compatibility of parts for non V8 motors. Good Luck

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