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Thread: nissan 240sx!!!!!

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    nissan 240sx!!!!!

    hey guys...can anyone tell me where I can get a right hand drive dash and stuff for a nissan 95-98 240sx....or how hard a conversion would be....I'm looking to do a S15 front end conversion on one...and I just think the rhd dash would look much better...I know it sounds kinda stupid...but I think it would be cool :


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    Re: nissan 240sx!!!!!

    Any JDM salvage specialty.


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    Re: nissan 240sx!!!!!

    Hmm... get a half cut with the dash left intact (You should be able to get a deal like that)

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    Re: nissan 240sx!!!!!

    Hi all,

    There is someone who actually put this dash in a fiero, link below....I do know that he sold the car, to ausfiero on PFF....Though his site is still alive, and the chances on contacting him is very high.....I almost forgot, the site chronicles 2 308 rebodied fieros, the one you want info on is "The Black Beast".. There is a page of his build up to finish...........

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    Re: nissan 240sx!!!!!

    No really, get a half-cut.. you'll get all the front body panels, the engine, the brakes, the steering; your conversion will be much easier (and authentic) and you should be able to find a place that leaves all the goodies in the dash.

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