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Thread: anyone ever of them??

  1. #1 anyone ever of them??

    They are evidently an offshoot of USEDFIEROPARTS.COM. They sell Lambo and Ferrari kits for very reasonable prices. Are they legit?? Here's their link:

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    Re: anyone ever of them??

    No idea...except i've been thinking about their 355 kit.. i wish i could see it. I emailed them but there has been no response as of yet (over 24 hours now).

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    Re: anyone ever of them??

    I am in the process of building an unstretched F50 kit from them. The glass is good but their support for a "kit" is limited. David Shannon runs UsedFieroParts and is a good guy. He is basically marketing stuff for some guys that splash the glass and build the turnkeys. They build really sweet turnkeys but have not documented "how" they do it very well (ie. instructional video, etc). If you buy a "kit" from them it is more like a bunch of pieces that you have to figure out how to mount.

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    Re: anyone ever of them??

    Thanks MSHILL, I kind of figured that was the case. I'm always leary of replicar manufacturers that don't document their kits very well. The prices were what attracted me to their may be that you get exactly what you pay for! Thanks again!

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    Re: anyone ever of them??

    Isnt this the case with all the latest splash "kits" .. all you
    are getting is the fibreglass. Some exceptions of course,
    the well established players like Euroworks, Exotic Illusions.etc.

    Most others just sell the fibreglass and you have to figure it out.
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