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Thread: mirage kits

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    mirage kits

    i am from england and want to purchase a mirage kit. Can anybody please contact me if they have one for sale or know of anybody who has one. I know this may be asking for a miracle, but its worth a try.

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    Re: mirage kits

    I'm from California and want a Mirage kit too! So... if someone knows someone thats selling one or what not I want one too! Or even like, a re-cast of a Mirage.. or anything close to the Mirage!

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    Re: mirage kits

    I've had a Mirage 355 kit for sale on this forum for some time now. Actually, I have two, but one is "spoken for" while the other is looking for a new home.

    Three kits, if you count the one being installed on MY car

    Let me know if you are interested.


    DKOV -

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