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Thread: 355 OEM parts prices

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    355 OEM parts prices

    Just wondering how much and where did people get there OEM Ferrari parts from. The Ferrari dealer by me has a challenge grille and the rear quaters in there warehouse.
    $1600 for the challenge grille
    $545 for each 1/4 windows

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    Re: 355 OEM parts prices

    I paid $800 for my challenge grill, but that was a few years back. I know they have been on back order a couple of times since then. That was from Lyle Tanner in Sacramento, CA.
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    Re: 355 OEM parts prices

    lyle is kinda overpriced, very close to dealer prices. check ferrari service of costa mesa and another place called exotic italian recycling or something like that (san francisco area). costa mesa place is:
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    Re: 355 OEM parts prices

    I thought I would toss in my two cents worth here. I like to use T Rutlands of Tucker, Georgia. Not only does he have good prices on new old stock of out of production cars like the 355, he also handles used Ferrari sales and disassembles wrecked Ferrari's. I purchased several bit from him including a new set of 355 headlight assemblies removed by Ferrari when they built the Challenge series.

    Good to deal with and not a lot of money like Lyle who I have spent tons of cash with before I met Ted Rutland.

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    Re: 355 OEM parts prices

    I think it depends on what day you need to get parts as to which supplier has the best prices. I bought my headlight assemblies and oem steering wheel from T Rutlands, and on other things he was too expensive. I got my challenge grille new from Lyle tanner for $800 and now they sell for over $1500, but Lyle was way too pricey on a few items.

    The latest vendor I have been using is the former HG Parts of Germany. They are now called Wheeltech and are in Tampa, FL. If you show him a better price elsewhere he will beat it or at least match it and give free shipping or something like that.

    Michael of Costa Mesa has all kinds of hard to find ferrari parts but he knows what they are worth and are a little pricey in my opinion.

    Long story short, everyone of us has had a great deal and a bad deal with at least 6 different suppliers.
    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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