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    Good welders

    Hi Guys After about 2 years Im finally going to be taking my Fiero apart to start my 6.0. I wanted to get some expert help from my fellow kit builders. Can you guys tell me, whats a good size welder to purchase that would cover all areas of the car? I think I have just about every other tool needed except a welder. Thanks!!

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    Re: Good welders

    Miller MIG 135

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    Re: Good welders

    Thank you Daytona, but is there something I should look for? Amperage, volts? Whats a common thing to look for in all brands. Thanks.

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    Re: Good welders

    I've got the Miller 135 too. I love it.

    If you don't want to deal with using a special plug for doing your work, I'd suggest this machine. If you are shopping around, just ask for the Highest performance welder that can be plugged into a normal outlet. The Miller has variable dials where some others are notched, so you can't fine tune the wire speed and voltage as well.

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    Re: Good welders

    oh ok I see now. Thanks a lot for the help guys!! Ill start posting pics when I get started.

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    Re: Good welders

    You should go to home depot, lowes, or sears and pick up the a handbook named Welder's Handbook by richard finch. This book has lots of information about welding and welding machines. I used it to help me find the welder I would need for my build. I bought the lincoln electric pro mig 135. I'ts a 120v welder. So far it's been right for all the welding I've done on the fiero. but I wish I would have gone with the next model. I think it's the pro 175. that's a 220v welder and can weld thicker metals. According to the welders specs the 135 can weld 1/4in metal at 135amps max. I can weld thicker metals with it but have to run two or three beads. I always use it at the max amperage setting. I would like to have some play at both ends not just one. anyways hope this helps.


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    Re: Good welders

    It depends on what you want to do... I mean there is no straight answer.

    It also depends on your budget, if you want what the pros use then buy a miller.

    Keep in mind that this welder will outlast this project and serve it's usefulness for many more projects to come.

    Want to weld aluminum sometime, make sure that you get a spool gun too.

    Master MIG welding then step up to TIG and become an artist working with liquid metal. ;D

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    Re: Good welders

    Thank you Masta Kix and Dcox thats wonderful info!! I also plan on taking a course on welding at a local school so I can learn just how its done. I have done a little welding before but it wasn't that great. My life, and my passenger life is at stake so I will spare no expense!! Thanks again.

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    Re: Good weldors

    You need to practice to be a good weldor, take the class at you local community college always cheap and you get the bench time running beads, plus instructor help. 75 % of good welding is Prep-Prep-Prep, the next 20% is good positioning the last 5% is running good beads. alot like painting cars. good practice is making gates for you house, you would be surprised how helpful it is for your fabrication skills, includes everything, design layout making things square, not warping things. I even ran a little gate and welding business for about a year using my miller 135, learned alot, make some nice gates, wrought iron, neat stuff.

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