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Thread: Have a 308 GTB/Mera Replica. Want to use as a "promo car" Any ideas?

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    Have a 308 GTB/Mera Replica. Want to use as a "promo car" Any ideas?

    Just bougt a gorgeous two tone gray 88 Mera, completely done over to look like a 308 GTB. I'll post pics as soon as I go to get it next week.

    Anyway, I want to use the car for promotion where people would pay me to use my car as part of some sort of promotional display (no driving). However the only venue I have come up with as being a marketplace would be Pontiac car dealers, since this is a very rare Pontiac. However I think some Pontiac dealers woudl get upset or not want to do it because it has all the Ferrari badging to it.

    Just looking for some creative ways to market the car. If it was red and a GTS I could use it like a Magnum P.I. replica, but since it's gray I don't want to do that. Any creative thoughts? Ideas?
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    Re: Have a 308 GTB/Mera Replica. Want to use as a "promo car" Any ideas?

    A fellow here in Calgary got a Mera as well for the promo idea as well as his wife owns a Quizno's. His is was in a bit of rough shape when he got it but he took it to the front of his wife's shop anyway and put a poster on the roof saying sub special or something like that and they had great sales days when the car was out front. People would come lok at the car and get a sub while they were there.

    That would be an idea. Rent out the car to sit in front of stores for their promos.

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