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Thread: Daytona's rule

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    Daytona's rule

    My coupe in progress by Mad Mike

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    Re: Daytona's rule

    Good work. I have always like the look of coups. There is nothing wrong with convertables, but coups just look meaner.

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    Re: Daytona's rule

    Daytona Coupe's motor,4 downdraft Dellorto carbs on a 350 chevy,frame is 1984 corvette
    with 19,000 miles on it!!
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    Re: Daytona's rule

    I'm not sure I ever got into the Daytona, always looked a bit daft to me.

    But that said the progress looks nice and clean.

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    Re: Daytona's rule

    Datsun liked it enough to inspire the design for thousands of 240-280 Z's!!!!!! ??? ;D

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    Re: Daytona's rule

    DAFT??? whats that mean??

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