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Thread: V12 conversion help

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    V12 conversion help

    does any one know how to professionaly install a BMW 850i 5.0L V12 motor into a 11' stretched IFG 6.0 diablo body? do i use the porsche 930 Trans??? can it physically fit?? what do i need to do in order to accomadate this motor conversion??


    Any help would be great!!!

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    There's a little info at Lambo Lounge on this:
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    Why wouldn't it fit in the kit? (=body?) I'd worry about getting it to fit in the frame. I guess this engine is still a bit smaller then the real Diablo engine.

    I don't want to ruin your idea but:
    from the website RCR gave:

    You can find these engines on from $700 up to an average unburnt one for around $3500. You can see by the number of burnt ones BMW has a problem in this area. At these prices I consider it a throw away engine. It would cost more to rebuild one than it would cost to buy one from salvage.
    So I think you'd better get yourself an M5 engine if you want a BMW engine. Last weekend me and my friend were driving around in a BMW 525i automatic, the power is amazing (and so is the sound ).


    BTW: Don't get me wrong...I think the idea of a V12 in there is very good (will look real). Maybe you should look at the Jaguar and Mercedes V12's too

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    Hey thats a good idea (Jaguar or Mercedes) ;D

    I never really thought of them before but as a possible donar engine options. Now you mentioned the frame, but how will the motor and the porsche 930 Tranny fit in there ?? that was my question, will it actually fit in the frame or will i be required to do some custom welding and cutting in order to accomodate it?

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    If you give me a pic I MAY be able to help you, I've seen these BMW V12's at the car dump nearby...

    BTW: I don't want to ruin your thread but can you give me a little info about the Porsche tranny-thing (gearbox?)? What's the reason for using that and would it be usefull in a fiero frame?

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    oh no, its no problem at all........

    The reason being is because like the real lambourgini's, the motors are transversaly mounted like a rear-wheel drive application, except its behind the driver and it gives it the "REALISTIC" look. Porsche engines are manufactured this way like the real lambos and ferraris so naturaly its the only option on the market if your looking for the "Real" look. Also the porsche transmission can handle 700HP+ so i won't hesitate to bolt on lots of goodies and naturaly thats the only way i think that i can fit a V12 into the frame unless (someone can give me a better suggestion) there are apparently other solutions to the porsche, i heard that the Audi 5000s tranny can do the trick but thats why im posting this tread

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    I read about the audi 5000 tranny on another website (will look for the adress in a couple of minutes)
    But for that one you needed a conversion kit which costs over 1000 dollars. Can you use the porsche tranny with the BMW V12 without spending much money on a conversion kit?


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    Re: V12 conversion help

    I think that putting a V12 into the Diablo should take some serious consideration. It might look more realalistic when you open the hood but at what cost. If you have looked at the V8 Diablo with the Porsche/Audi tranny, they stick way out the back. So it will be difficult to make the car look authentic with the tranny hanging out the back end of the car. Infact, you have to cut out a fair bit of fiberglass to get the tranny and cradle to fit back there. This is a picture of a beautiful V8 cradle.
    So that is the price you pay for the transaxle. The closest to finished V12 I have seen is the CCD build and the tranny is placed 2" further back than with the V8. So if you are going for an authentic looking car, the transaxle is not the way to go. If you want an authentic looking engine bay then get a V12 but don't let anyone look at the back of the car.

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    Re: V12 conversion help


    Ok well thanks for your help looks like i have to re-do my whole engine conversion, thx janice

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    Re: V12 conversion help

    In a countach...the transmission is on the other side of the engine (between the seats...). I don't know if that's possible with any engine/tranny...but I guess it should be worth checking that out.

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