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Thread: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

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    Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    Daytona coupe's car in it's present form is the COMP version,the pics posted on this site are before I added the flares,spoilers etc,the car is now in primer in the race style,we are going to return it to the stock coupe style,new trunklid,remove the flares,put the nose back to stock's a few pics of the flares being added,to copy the POZZI race car,I'll post some of the pictures of it in the full race form it is now in a day or so as i take the pics of the ck-3 512,as the cars are dug out for the shop move now.
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    Re: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    It's gonna be a shame to undo the comp car!!! I might just put a whole new stock nose on it
    instead of Re-doing the comp nose back to stock!! ??? :-\
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    Re: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    Near as I can figure the daytona was never really a competitive racing car, on a track it is a big heavy lumbering beast overweight, underpowered, check the record, daytonas never won a thing! But as the ultimate Gentlemans GT car......Simply the finest.!

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    Re: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    But they still looked mean as hell!!!!! :P

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    Re: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    Looking forward to seeing the completed comp version. Even tho it never won its class at LeMans, I always thought it was a nice looking race car !!


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    Re: Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupe

    Trevor: the competition version isnt going to be finished, it is going to be converted back to street with a proper interior, unless someone buys it from me (at a price 1/2 of what it could be duplicated for) before Mike gets going with his sawzall!!!

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