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Thread: Used Fiero Parts 355

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    Used Fiero Parts 355

    Hey guys, is the UFP 355 any good?? I know it doesn't have split side skirts but could a lot of bondo fix that : for 4 grand it looks pretty good...

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    Re: Used Fiero Parts 355

    In my humble opinion.. if you have 4K to throw away you'd be better off going to a bachelor party and atleast seeing your money work for you.. The work put out by UFP is nothing to talk about.. I've met the owner in person and have seen too much of his work. If you expect nothing you'll be very happy. save and buy a kit that is completeABLE soemthing that'll line up and something you'll be proud to own.

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    Re: Used Fiero Parts 355

    Buy one from Pit Bull here on the forums. For his price, it can't be beat as far as an affordable kit. I've recently bought one from him in order to build one for my dad as a gift.

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