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Thread: Warlock Designs F355 kit

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    Warlock Designs F355 kit

    any body heard of them? are they still in business? their kit look pretty good for what i can see!

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    Re: Warlock Designs F355 kit

    AKA IFG from Been out of the Ferrari business for quite some time.
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    Re: Warlock Designs F355 kit

    Where did you find that Warlock add??

    That Add came out approx 8 years ago, wow time fly's.. anyways it was the best at the time because it was the only one out. Now times have changed and the industry has taken a turn. Better kits and "some" better people to deal with. use the search section and read all the 355 stuff posted.. it'll blow your mind.
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    Re: Warlock Designs F355 kit

    I'm selling mine. They were also called IFG kits. If you send me your e-mail I can send a picture. Mine is a spider.

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